Spiral Knights: It Is Indeed Possible…

… to get to Tier 2 in a little over a (rather dedicated) day without being all that spectacular at delving. Well, I’ve gotten a little bit better with using weapons and knowing strategy for each level, as well as playing with close friends. I know some people have been worried about doing this (hence all the requests for weapons and material), but it’s really quite alright.

For myself, I’ve gotten into Moorcroft Manor (which you can only enter once you get 2-star armor, helm, weapon, and shield). I’ve got Troika now, though not yet Kamarin, and so am pretty far along, save for lacking a wolver cap. Still, it seems a firebreak helm is the next best thing in terms of style, if not in terms of health and attack speed bonuses.

I definitely need attack speed trinkets when handling Troika. Otherwise, I’ve been using the following method:

  1. Hit monsters close by, which them knocks back, deals 30+ and often 50+ normal damage at higher levels, and maybe even kills a few of them outright.
  2. Shield immediately if the monsters have gotten out of range, and get up to hitting range again before they recover and thwack ’em again.
  3. Repeat step 2.

It’s slow and gradual, but so is Troika. For more urgent crowd control, I suggest a crystal shard bomb for piercing damage, or a blast bomb for raw localized normal damage.

Firecracker is quite nice for a 1-star bomb, by the way, and rather reliably sets things on fire, a boon against lumber monsters.

A couple more pics of places I find striking:

Snow/freeze levels are often quite beautiful with the blowing snow effects.

Castle levels float in the air, suspended in mysterious fog.
Bring your items that set things on fire.