Spiral Knights: This Game What Is It Doing To Me

A couple hours ago I had a dream. It was about Spiral Knights. Which is kind of normal these days, except that I wasn’t listening to game music, which is possibly why it was not about fighting the horde of cute horrors, and instead took a turn down Weird Avenue.

I dreamed that I logged in and they had finished guildhalls! Not just a message board and private dungeon gate, but also a special area where you could obtain and common-store rare crafting materials.

In my dream the devs had implemented a material hierarchy; you could build rare material out of more common material, and thence into 5-star gear. It was like a dream (and it was). ((I feel I need to specify this was all a dream in case Google decides to excerpt.))

But there was a cost to all this. And it came in the form of nausea, because IRL, I’ve been sick from something.

Then I woke up, was in that special hell one exists in before vomiting, and then threw up. This is why I keep a bucket by my bed when I’m sick.

And now I’m trying to recover, but the bitterness of bile in my throat is tempered by that sweet, sweet dream.

What is this game doing to me?

When my web stats tell me that people are consistently finding this post through searches for “spiral knights dreams”, I will know the day has come.

This game, folks. This game.