The Spiral Knights Crusaders

Teamwork. What is it good for? Well, it’s good for not dying a gooey death in the Jelly Palace, for starters.

Last night’s session with my friends reminded me of a recent My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode entitled “Show Stoppers”, in which three young ponies—the Cutie Mark Crusaders—formed a guild club in order to discover their special talent, which will lead to their cutie mark appearing on their flank. They do get close to figuring out their talents, except that it’s all mixed up. For instance, the one who can really pull out dance moves decides to sing instead, the one who can belt out sweet music decides to do scenery and costumes instead, and the one who can build anything decides to try pullin’ some moves. They’re not very good at their ad-hoc roles. Hilarity Ensues.

And yet, while it’s quite obvious to the older main cast ponies, as well as the audience, which talent belongs to which little pony, they never realize it for themselves, even throughout their painful performance.

Of course, at my age, I would not be so silly as to pursue a path not suited for me when I enjoy and do much better at another.

Yes. Well. It’s amazing how relevant a lot of the lessons in the new MLP cartoon are on a lifelong basis.

Thankfully we didn’t die (much), but we now know who does swordwork, versus ranged, versus bombing.

In many ways, I suppose preferring Troika/Kamarin over Cutter/Striker was predictive of a bombing temperament. I chose Calibur as my second weapon only because I liked the Khorovod-worthy knockback of its spin attack. Bombing requires planning of a very direct kind, akin to fighting any horde with Kamarin.

There are people who want wizard roles in the game, but the bombs are almost enough magic for me. Magic missiles are for the rangers with their Sentenzas, Magnuses, and such. Give me a good Super Blast Bomb any day, or the ability to freeze, poison, or set on fire multiple monsters to my heart’s content. I really would like a Heal Buddies Bomb, though.

I know a Spiral Demo armor set is in my future. I’d just like to resist the call some more, for some reason, I’m not sure what; but it probably has something to do with how I preferred delving for six days on a proto sword to get at a monster bone rather than just paying a much smaller amount of crowns to another player I didn’t know. Part of me still rebels at the thought of becoming the Spiral Knights equivalent of a squishy wizard.

I’m grateful there’s no class shoe-horning in Spiral Knights. Exploring another avenue is as simple as changing your gear. Also, armor costumes FTW; I know the Wolver look isn’t for everyone, but darling, I couldn’t part with it.

Well, at least this is one squishy wizard who carries around a sword bigger than themselves. ((Now would be a bad time to assume what gender I am. There’s something universal about socks, so why not so with swords? *waves to the Pterry fans who’re probably the only ones who get the reference to Monstrous Regiment*))

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