Spiral Knights: Of Angelic Raiment and Devilites

By now, if you’ve been reading some of my blog, you know that I think Rarity is the bestest pony ever, at least from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic reincarnation of the series. It’s why my personal player color is the definite purple.

So no one should be surprised that, when a friend made Angelic Raiment for me because I wanted some shadow defense to see how that worked out, and I tried it out, I was immediately thrilled.

Shadow damage? Surely a minor consideration compared to style. Also apparently I’m one of the few people who don’t mind the full look.

Still, I do rather like my Ash-tail set.

Rarity would almost approve of the latter, but I think full approval would only come with the blinding white of the Skolver set. But as that’s a 5-star armor, and the game gets rather harder and harder, this may not happen for quite some time. And really, I’m satisfied. My skill level (not in terms of the weapon/armor leveling, but in terms of my own actual physical skill) needs to increase quite a bit before I can fight my way through Tier 3 to Basil.

I didn’t actually get my raiment to fight Devilites, even though you’d think this would be natural. (I got it for the Undead in the game.) Devilites are my favorite monsters, and as the attacks from the Overtimers involve piercing damage, armor like the Wolver Coat series are decent against them.

Unfortunately, Devilites can also make you feel quite sorry for them.

On the left there, the big blue Devilite is a Pit Boss. He’s actually not a game boss in the traditional sense, as there can be many of him in any particular level, and he doesn’t do any direct damage to you. He just berates the littler Devilites and makes most of them cry, and turns them into Overtimers whose tears have turned into fire and who now deal higher ranged piercing/normal/elemental damage. He also creates Yesman Devilites, who worship him and become very angry if you kill any Pit Boss in front of them.

My usual strategy for dealing with them is: kill the Yesman ones before you kill the Pit Boss. I often use a shield to knock them together and then whack them all with Khorovod. Kill the others as needed, focusing on getting rid of Overtimers first. It’s actually funny to get rid of the little guys in an area, as the last one turns into a Pit Boss through the Peter Principle.

Hm. I may need to reorganize my Spiral Knights posts.