Spiral Knights: No Better Place for a Zombie Totem

In the interest of conserving crowns and energy betwixt my friends and I, we’ve resorted to sharing recipes. So for the very first time, I was leveling a piece of gear to level 5 for a friend. ((This is necessary due to the way that most 4* and 5* recipes work; they need a leveled piece of equipment to upgrade from. Unfortunately, you can only level items that are bound to you. Fortunately they unbind when you upgrade them, but only then. Hence the extra footwork, which I don’t mind.)) And because I have very few good fully-leveled items ((I tend to upgrade what I do have directly, which means I gotta level it all up again….)), I decided to do a Tier 1 run in Groundbreaker Helm and Armor (both 0*).

Remember those days?

A couple of close friends did join me—who would understand if my pager took me away from the computer quickly, not something easily explained in the middle of a fray—and that was quite awesome, and the next thing you knew, we were headed to Tier 2.

And I stepped on the platform with my 0* armor.


Didn't think this through, didn't think this through!

On the upside, tomorrow my friend’s shield will be ready for the Wise Owlite upgrade.

Here’s more jovial times earlier during the T1 run, when I still had my Ash-tail set as an armor costume over the actual Groundbreaker set, and Sparkywolf found the best place to put a zombie totem.

Well, zombies certainly aren’t going to get at it easily from inside the wall. Really, you can move those totems anywhere, including suspended up into the air, a bug I’m a little tired of reporting, but it’s a fairly harmless bug.

In other news, I’ve reorganized my Spiral Knights posts. But more importantly, Nick announced upcoming features for Spiral Knights, including an auction house, more items, more levels, more monsters, more story! I can’t wait for the next patch release.