“And she decided to stay in the shallow end of the pool”

I dreamed about many things last night, all of it mundane—thank the gods—but there was one dream in which someone had written a book with a snarky swipe at my blog, commenting that I’d gone from writing deep articles about my PTSD, fantasy/science fiction book reviews, and essays about Sherlock Holmes, to frippery about Spiral Knights.

It was all just a dream, but it does encapsulate some of my insecurities. Spontaneous ∂erivation has always been eclectic, a blog with changing themes that range from the personal to the informative to the whimsical. Years ago, this blog used to be about meta-blogging, for instance, but those days are now so far in the past as to be, well, very rarely picked up by StumbleUpon.

Past themes, of course, can sometimes revisited. And I’ve not yet stopped any of the categories in the first paragraph; they are simply resting while I, well, work out my addiction to Spiral Knights into something a little bit calmer.

I’ve also been living in Normalville due to the Abilify, with some oddities here and there. It’s a relief, but it’s not going to last. I can already feel the world falling apart a little when I think about summer. More on that later.