Spiral Knights: Ash-tail Today, Wolver Tomorrow

Today, in observance of It’s Been a Crap Day and We’re Very Tired, my friends and I mostly crafted and traded with each other (I was finally able to make the Wise Owlite Shield for one of them after a little more leveling today!).

Tomorrow, in celebration of Game Maintenance Temporary Downtime Day, when the game comes back up, my friends and I will be delving with the items we made.

So instead of

I’ll instead be

Why yes, we’re going to Blast From the Past through Tier 1 and into the first half of Tier 2.

Plus we’ll find out whether Basil displays better star recipes to participants with lower star equipment.

If you’re curious about my equipment:

Ash-tail Today Wolver Yesterday
Ash-tail Cap **** Wolver Cap **
Ash-tail Coat **** Wolver Coat **
Wise Owlite Shield **** Firebreak Shield **
Khorovod **** Searing Edge **
Crystal Bomb ** Voltech Alchemer **
Master Blast Bomb **** Firecracker *
Freezing Atomizer **** Crystal Bomb **

Crystal Bomb is indeed a good enough bomb that I keep it around even today. Something that will, at its peak performance in the depths of the clockworks, produce 90+ damage against Wolvers and Fiends in 8 cardinal directions is more than a decent general ranged weapon.

If tomorrow works out, we’ll soon all have a set of decent equipment that’s completely leveled, meaning that faster leveling of individual items can be done in the future without the danger of someone going down in Groundbreaker Armor and dying messily all over the Plazamonium.