Spiral Knights: Nightblade and Silent Nightblade

One day I’ll revisit this post when I have Acheron and can fill in the third column.

A note on Silent Nightblade:

With an Ash-tail Cap and Coat (both level 4), in the first strata level of Tier 2, I saw the three-hit combo of a level 1 Silent Nightblade do 122, 122, and 151 damage ((Whatever damage numbers mean in Spiral Knights, but the higher they are the better they are in this case.)) to slimes of all types, the tan/gold numbers indicating that I’m hitting their weakness against shadow damage.

Against slimes, the charged attack does what appears to be 222 mostly normal damage on the hit with 61 shadow damage on the explosion.

Note: your mileage will vary depending on the type of monster you’re attacking, the current tier, the distance from the core, your own bonuses from armor or other items, etc. Silent Nightblade will do middlin’ with those neutral to shadow, and not do well at all with those resistant to shadow.