A Beautiful Pirouette of Destruction

(Spiral Knights is copyright Three Rings Design.)

I became interested in the Troika swords after seeing their attack animation in person. It’s a beautifully executed pirouette most of the time, one of high damage dealt in a nearly 180º arc.

Plus, the developers seem to like word play puns. Troika is a Russian folk dance, and Khorovod is a Slavic art form involving dancing (and circle dancing at that).

I don’t know what Kamarin means.

ETA: nekobawt found the answer, which is totally keeping in theme. Neat!

8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Pirouette of Destruction

  1. i love my khoro so much i’ve even nicknamed it “khoro”. when they release a 5* recipe for it, i will move heaven and clockwork to get my grubby mitts on it. or, you know, happily pay for a port to basil if the opportunity presents itself; i’m nowhere near competent enough to survive to d23 on my own and i’m useless with lag when i play on a team.

    • When a 5* Khorovod does show up, I’m tempted to just buy the recipe (Basil ports yay, or even Auction House when that comes along) and start manufacturing them for sale. It’ll require some serious leveling (and as a result, some serious pricing evaluation), but I’ve been making up fully leveled armor/weapon sets so I can concentrate all heat into one item.

      • man, now i kinda wish i’d “timed” myself with the energy used leveling my khorovod from 1 to 10. i don’t even pay attention to the rate of heat addition, i just watch the bar progress. (the jelly farm levels helped…a lot).

        i hope they do release the auction house before the next arsenal expansion (as much as i eagerly await both). i kind of enjoy watching the market’s ebb and flow, and i love the insane markups people place on the items with that “new item smell.” actually, it’ll be interesting just watching the material market settle and establish itself with the release of the auction house, and the auction house will (probably) help recipe sellers really figure out where the demand is for recipes.

        (why oh why did i buy that scarlet shield recipe from basil?)

        • Heh. Yeah, it’ll be nice to see a better chart of where demand actually is; it’ll help with materials, too, especially since the rarity of higher star materials changes with the gates (and with dev tweaking, I’m sure).

  2. FOUND IT. after diligent googling, i found this:


    Kamarinskaya () is a Russian traditional folk dance, which is mostly known today as the Russian composer Mikhail Glinka’s magnum opus.”

    so there we go. a bit more obscure than the other two, but the theme is maintained.

    (booya, 2 internets for me :D)

    also, just for fun, i’m predicting “kalinka” for the name of the 5* upgrade.

    • ! You found it! Most excellent!

      Keeping in the Slavic dancing theme would be much better than naming the final sword “Shatter” as some folks are claiming it’ll be called. :)

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