Spiral Knights: Treasure Vault Happiness

(Spiral Knights is copyright Three Rings Design.)

These levels aren’t the best of heat-earners or crown-earners, but they’re pretty and upbeat. I mainly posted this video so I can watch it whenever I want to, and remember good times, and that they’ll come again.

2 thoughts on “Spiral Knights: Treasure Vault Happiness

  1. Hello ajericho! I watched your videos on kiting and shielding when I first began spiral knights lately after the opening. Cn I add you on spiral knights? My game name is rainise :) oh ps I love the way you write each story. Very inspiring. I hope we can play online together in the future

    • Hello Rainise! I don’t play on Spiral Knights anymore and don’t plan to in the future. But I’m glad you enjoyed my posts.

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