Commit log #29

Three good things:

1. Completed some training at work. Discovered a bug before it hit production. Not the best good thing in the world, but a decent thing.

2. The opening song (“Moonlight Legend”) for Sailor Moon! (Here’s the Sailor Moon S version.) I mute commercials on now and play this song over them until they’re over. Instant better!

3. The new edition of Lord of the Rings: The Board Game (Knizia and FFG version) arrived, along with a saga expansion for Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (FFG’s LCG version), centered around my favorite of the LotR books, The Hobbit. It’s all about getting Bilbo Baggins across different scenarios, gathering treasures, over a story! Yay!

Things I like about myself: a) I learn technical things really quickly; b) tea; c) board games.

Edit: 4th good thing today: VEGGIE GRILL. OMG. They have a DF/GF macaroni dish that is OMG. *HAPPY*

Edit 2: Here’s a translated version of the Sailor Moon opener.