Commit log #31

Three good things! Even though this day was difficult to get through.

1. Game night! Although we should probably start to play something other than Dominion, even if there’s a smidgeon of poker. I’ll probably be bringing along Lord of the Rings: The Board Game next time.

2. Veggie Grill! I love their GF/DF mac-and-cheeze to extremes. I really need to start making my own again, though.

3. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars! Finally reached the episode with the Sailor Starlights. I never expected to like Sailor Moon; I guess I identify with the main character an awful lot. Interestingly, while the Sailors are quite capable of cleaning enemy clocks right out, complete annihilation is not sought out as the final answer. How strange.

4. Extra credit: a reminder from Twitter that I need to finish reading the Vorkosigan saga. That gives me enough to be going on, book-wise, for some time….

Thing I like about myself… enjoying boardgames and card games. Enjoying the hell out of them.

2 thoughts on “Commit log #31

  1. You should also like about yourself that you keep writing. Every blog entry is a good thing. Every time you make yourself write down three good things, you actually get four.

    Good day or bad – writing about it furthers your goal of writing, and thereby makes the day a little bit better. The effort counts. Really.

    I’m trying to goose myself into starting a blog; got WordPress for Dummies. It isn’t just the technical details that make it daunting, it’s trying to decide who I will be on it, and how much of a connection it will be to my actual name and ‘real’ self – for various (and probably important only to me) reasons. Knowing that once you put a word out the on the web, it’s there forever (though buried on the 10,000,000 Google search page), makes me cautious – some decisions you can’t take back.

    Thing is, since (another long story) I can’t publish for at least two years, I’m having trouble staying motivated. Starting a blog and putting out the work for free (donate button for anyone whose conscience feels it necessary) seems a good interim solution. But it is scary. I tell myself that if you – and the other bloggers I read regularly – have the courage, I can have it, too. Thanks.

    • Good luck! If you’re still not sure about WordPress, I suggest getting a free hosted account with and taking it all for a test run. If you want to move to a self-hosted WordPress blog afterwards, you can export your entries and move them to your new blog.

      I went from self-hosted to and been relatively happy.

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