Commit log #32

Three good things!

1. Cetaganda, part of the Vorkosigan Saga. I don’t know why I put it down a year ago or so; it’s a fun mystery romp. Next up: two novellas set in the same world, “Labyrinth” and “Borders of Infinity”. I really want to hit A Civil Campaign soon, but it’s going to take some more books to get there. I’m quite pleased with reading on my Nexus 7.

2. I started on the awesomeness that is Dropbox, which should make it easier for me to pass documents between Scrivener and my various writing apps on the Android device (Jota+ comes to mind).

3. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars continues to be a great distraction.

4. Extra credit: I now know where I stand with Dungeon Command. I don’t really like the main game enough to continue in its direction. Even the additions to the Dungeons and Dragons Games are not really worth the price. I’m glad to not spend the extra money and effort on these expensive efforts by Wizards of the Coast.

Things I like about myself: Coming up blank for today. I was simply content… and neutral, really. Indulgent, which isn’t really a reason to like myself.

Writing stuff (new!): Apart from Dropbox, I’ve been thinking of pulling back on omniscient third person because I don’t want to get into the head of my antagonist. Which I’d have to do if I want such a work to, well, work. Kind of a coward’s way out, though, so I’ll leave it to my subconscious to work out the details of that… thing. It ties back into the fear of understanding the main antagonist of my life, my father, and I really need to deal with that. Writing about the villain of my piece seems to be a good first step.

4 thoughts on “Commit log #32

  1. Cetaganda is one of my favorites, though it’s often ranked very low in people’s lists of their favorite Vorkosigan novels. I think part of that is that it’s so stand-alone–it’s not as intimately tied to the Saga as a lot of the other novels–and part of it is that it’s very much about Lieutenant Vorkosigan, not Admiral Naismith. But I always liked Miles-at-home more than Miles-as-mercenary, much as I knew both were equally masks or aspects of himself… Anyway. It is a fun mystery.

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