Commit log #33


New feature: Creative Commons Attribution License picture from Flickr of the day. Not necessarily related to the post, but it’s a pretty picture.

Three good things, in spite of uncomfortable nightmares:

1. More Vorkosigan saga stuff! In this case, “Labyrinth” (which I loved) and “Borders of Infinity” (which was alright).

2. Anticipation for a Harney & Sons tea order!

3. More subtle nightmares. It’s progress, of a sort, even though these dreams are not ones that I know how to tackle. They are… kind of terrifying, because they seem so normal that I’m again waking up without a clue as to what’s real and what’s not. But damn it. Progress.

4. Extra credit: OXO, weirdly, has a shower drain hair catcher that still lets the water drain away efficiently. Really, it’s made showers a lot better—showers still being a difficult proposition for me, and every little bit helps.

5. Prepped for a round of testing new decks for Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. I plan a run through Mirkwood as a warn-up (it needs to be crushed easily by your deck) and then Journey Down the Anduin.

Thing I like about myself: I’m finally getting around to setting up routines to cling to. I’ve discovered that, for some reason, I need these even more than I did before. :-/ It’s impossible for me to work from home; I fall apart too easily these days.