Commit log #34


Three good things!

1. Tooth hurting apparently was neither a cavity nor a dying nerve indicating the need for a root canal. After much examination and X-rays it was determined that the nerve was likely bruised and needed healing. And could possibly get worse, so I’m on watch for this. But still: good not to need a root canal.

2. JesuOtaku has posted again after a long, dry time of no anime reviews; this time reviewing an odd title called High School of the Dead, a sort of bad, cliched zombie movie combined with titty fest. It’s… odd.

3. The new LotR:LCG decks cake-walked through Passage Through Mirkwood. A decent sign, the end result a success with a score of 111 points (the lower the better in this game; I took five turns, and at 10 points per turn, that means my “raw” score was 61 points).

Thing I like about myself: I ‘unno. I need to meditate on this more every day. I think part of the problem is that I’m not sure what the parameters are for “things” in this case. Do interests count, for instance? I mean, maybe they do; I don’t have any interests that I’m ashamed of.