An LotR:LCG Saga: Passage Through Mirkwood

I’ve decided to go through all the Mirkwood scenarios before moving onto the Hobbit scenarios (skipping the Moria ones, because Moria as a sub-theme just didn’t interest me).

But seriously, ya’all. I want to make a happy quest theme for a quest one of these days, probably something to do with gathering items for Bilbo’s birthday party.

Anyways, the very first, and possibly the easiest (though I hear there’s another that’s even easier; but the rest are all strictly harder), is Passage Through Mirkwood. It’s basically just surviving constant spider attacks while progressing through quest stages with highish progress token requirements (8, 2, 10 for each stage respectively). A deck (or in my case, a couple of decks) ought to pass this quest easily as a minimum bar to have even a remote chance of beating other quests.

The current decks are a spirit/leadership deck and a tactics/lore one. They move a little too slowly for my tastes, but make up for it by heroes with a low threat costs, giving more time to build up armies of allies before too many of the more serious enemies start attacking. They’re meant to work together, and I don’t know that they’d survive alone.

I predict there’ll be trouble with the deck speeds on the harder quests.

– Eowyn
– Eleanor
– Theodred
– 2x Song of Kings
– 2x Power in the Earth
– 2x Dunedain Warning
– 2x Dunedain Mark
– 2x Steward of Gondor
– 2x The Favor of the Lady
– 1x Unexpected Courage
– 3x Ride to Ruin
– 2x Hasty Stroke
– 2x A Test of Will
– 2x Will of the West
– 2x Sneak Attck
– 2x Dawn Take You All
– 2x The Galadhrin’s Greeting
– 2x Stand and Fight
– 2x Snowbourn Scout
– 2x Guard of the Citadel
– 3x The Riddermark’s Finest
– 2x Silverlode Archer
– 3x Lorien Guide
– 2x Faramir
– 2x Elfheim
– 2x Northern Tracker
– 2x Gandalf

– Thalin
– Legolas
– Denethor
– 2x Born Aloft
– 2x Song of Wisdom
– 2x Blade of Gondolin
– 2x Dwarven Axe
– 2x A Burning Brand
– 2x Forest Snare
– 2x Support of the Eagles
– 2x Self Preservation
– 2x The Eagles Are Coming!
– 2x Quick Strike
– 2x Feint
– 3x Lore of Imladris
– 1x To the Eyrie
– 3x Vassal of the Wind Lord
– 3x Winged Guardian
– 3x Gondorian Spearman
– 2x Silvan Tracker
– 2x Daughter of the Nimrodel
– 2x Mirkwood Runner
– 2x Descendant of Thorondor
– 2x Eagles of the Misty Mountains
– 2x Haldir of Lorien
– 1x Landroval
– 2x Radagast

Thoughts: I should have more triplets than couples or even singles, especially of the wizards, but I wanted to have some versatility in the decks, particularly the longer a quest takes.