Commit log #35


Three good things!

1. Decent… weird… dreams. The cow protection works if every possible line of sight is covered by the eyes of the Overherd. It reminds me of my first apartment, when I bought Legolas posters and posted him on every wall, sentinel in all possible sight lines. Oh, and if I’m cuddled on both sides by Matthew and Cozy Cow. It’s tiresome but I’m going to go with it because I don’t have another choice…

2. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is really rolling now. It only took 20 episodes to reach that point; I rather wish they’d taken about 10 less episodes to reach that point. But that matters not; we’re here now, woot!

3. Harney Tea just shipped my tea order!

4. I have more reading material than I know what to do with. Plenty of opportunities to escape, and escape, and escape. Into the sky, if need be.

A thing I like about myself: oy, I don’t know. It’s like some days I feel like I’ve failed at everything except escape, and sometimes not even that. I’m not proud of anything I’ve done today. I mean, I got sick by thinking that caramels did not involve milk and cream; what dairy-intolerant idiot does that?

A balance of writing: Gods, it’s like a dangling mess that doesn’t clear itself up until stuff is written in it, and then only a little of it gets cleared up. I have to polish and rework and rewrite each scene before even thinking about moving to the next, my initial drafts are that bad. But it’s nice to know that, at least for this story, that’s just how I roll. It’s not what’s advised (get it all out! they say), but the problem is that I can’t figure out the next step until the previous one is written all the way out. There are nuances circulating here that I haven’t grasped entirely.

4 thoughts on “Commit log #35

  1. Those are some Elven boats, headed out to the west.

    My perspective on #1: It’s awesome that you’ve developed your own effective protective sentinel circle.

    Re: caramels. I adored the taste & feel of a “green goddess” smoothie, with kale and ginger. Yet I’d feel terrible a few hours later. Oh! Wheat grass!

  2. Lemme see. 1) You blogged.

    2) You LEARNED about caramels – and will probably check things in general more carefully in the future).

    3) You learned that tacking the whole of any mess may just be overwhelming, but that doing a piece here, a piece there (a technique Alan Lakein, How to get control of your time and your life, calls ‘the Swiss cheese method’ – by the time you’ve taken a lot of little bites out of something, 1) it may be more hole than cheese (chomp), or 2) you’ve made a start into it (which was better than you had the day before.

    Win/win – and that’s from the tiny bit you posted about a whole day. Good job.

    Love that you’ve surrounded yourself with protective spells – er – cows. Each and every one carefully invited by YOU to fulfill YOUR needs. Magical.

    Do you have a Halo Pub nearby? Around here they are full of cows of all kinds, and cowbells, and cow paraphernalia.

    A good way to use lactose-intolerance as a plus.

    PS I looked up ‘paraphernalia’ – and am quite pleased with myself because I spelled it right, first try.

    • Well, I should have been more careful in the first place. I have been in the same spot numerous times with various foods. But these had been presented to us by our department head (OMG) and… well… asking seemed out of the question… and they really were quite good.

      Alan Lakein’s methodology reminds me of Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott—focus on small picture frame sized pieces at a time.

      I’ve never heard of the Halo Pubs. Those sound so neat.

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