Sorry About Yesterday’s Whining

To make up for it, here’s the YouTube video that should have been at the top, but I forgot in my wave of disgusting self-pity. “Makenai” means “don’t give up.” I’ve been listening to it every morning, on the commute to work, on the commute home, and you can probably see why. Mixed in with Moonlight Densetsu and it makes for nice listening.

I should add “Unwell” which I tend to count as uplifting.

2 thoughts on “Sorry About Yesterday’s Whining

  1. As to your good points yesterday – attagirl! Some days that’s all I can manage, too, and I don’t have your history.

    Whining allowed – this IS your blog, after all, and nobody has to read it if they don’t want to. And you don’t do it that often.

    Some days are just overwhelming – for whatever reason. Try to get a bit extra rest – that may help.

    If not, your cows and your favorite comfort routine – and chalk it up to random universe burps.

    Did the ideas about two different endings – one for each character – pan out? Or are you still thinking about it? I find it tricky to do the actual writing that goes along with a good plot idea; the writing part still takes its own sweet time. Then along comes life, and I lose another writing day, and it is hard to get back in the rhythm of something interrupted.

    But what else am I going to do? So I pick myself up, dust off the chalk of the day before, and try again.

    • Each main and perhaps even minor character will get their own arc. Even the villains. I just need to work it out from first principles (or something) again.

      I’m trying to tell a bigger story than I can handle with pantsing, so to speak, so I’m trying more discrete and granular planning. ^.^

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