Commit log #79

Three good thingsies.

1. Finished listening to Welcome to Temptation and enjoyed it very much. Am a good chunk of the way into Bet Me, which I’m also enjoying.

2. I think I found the perfect music to associate with the Seal Tales: Florence + the Machine albums. I haven’t got them associated with anything else, and “Good Life” by OneRepublic is more suited for one of the major arc endings anyways.

3. Mark Watches Puella Magi Madoka Magica will begin tomorrow morning. I’m quite excited, especially as his site will feature a special banner change during the 12 episodes!

Man, I feel cold and sad. Depression continues on.

6 thoughts on “Commit log #79

  1. Do you have a Daylight or equivalent?

    And are you taking extra Vitamin D (D3?). I have to double it in the winter.

    This is the SAD part of the year – as the days get shorter and shorter until Dec. 21, my mood goes with them. Need to get my own Daylight out and crank it up in the mornings. Thanks for making me think about it.

    You live in the pacific NW, don’t you? I went to Seattle U. The winters – not TOO cold, but gray and drizzly, got to me. Hiking helped – lots of mountain lake hikes in the area. I remember 11 gray weeks in a ROW one winter. Enough to get anyone the least bit sensitive.

    Ask bartender – light may help, but it has to be the right kind, the right intensity, and the right length of time. It does help – if that’s a part of the problem.

  2. I see by your Twitterings display that you want Jennifer Crusie recommendations. I recommend Tell Me Lies. It was her first hardcover. Also Faking It was good, although that has themes of father oppressing daughter that might give you pause.

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