Commit log #80

Three good things.

1. Commit logs. I totally forgot about Mark Watches Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and wouldn’t have recalled it until much later this night if I hadn’t been checking comments on my commit log posts and … yah it’s late so connecting stuff up with logic is a bit weak but I have a point, I swear.

2. I have two (two!) unwatched episodes of Mythbusters to watch! I’ve actually gone back to Amazon for the series ever since I discovered I could stream their vids on my Nexus 7 with some trickery; what I download from the iTunes store doesn’t have that portability. And I’ve discovered I prefer to watch videos in bed instead of in front of a computer.

3. I’ve packed up a sleeved version of Flash Duel along with three teeny dice for markers in an Ultra Pro 100+ deck box. Not as portable as the original unsleeved version, but I don’t like traveling with that game to strange places sans sleeves. Or even normal places without sleeves; it’s not like the ferry tables are the cleanest etc.