Stayin’ Alive #1

Why stay alive? Petty, petty reasons.

1. Marvel Legendary! Truly, this could keep me alive for days. I can play many combinations of heros, villains, master minds, and schemes. I’ll have to write a little ruby program to pick out the appropriate packs for a solo game.

2. Ouran Host Club; both anime and manga. Rewatching the anime, and reading the manga for the first time. I’m impressed, and it’s funny.

3. The knee I fell on is still in a meditative pain. I like it. I will stay around purely for it.

My idea of heaven is to lie in my bed with the wedge and all the cows around me.

2 thoughts on “Stayin’ Alive #1

  1. Sorry to inconvenience you.

    Phew! Have been dropping by with bated (no, not baited – that would be gross) breath to check if you were still ‘here.’

    Probably too old to be a ‘friend’ – ‘fellow writer’ will have to do; in a choir with all college kids I get to be ‘fellow singer.’ It’s a good idea to have people in different age groups, though – the ones my own age aren’t going to be there… later.

    When do we get some of that stuff you spent a month writing? There is purpose in using the gift – so many people can’t write.

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