Commit log #134

The Overherd has grown by three members, thanks to Mur Lafferty!

They are Small Round Cow, Tiny Round Cow, and our first Cow of the Sea, Lou (rhymes with Blue). I am very happy with them, and the Overherd can always use more eyes.

The aftershocks of Christmas are still hanging around. Not sure how I’ll survive tomorrow; I may end up working from the island office. I would look forwards to that; I do not look forwards to work in Seattle. Good news on that front though: in some weeks, we’re going to be moving out of the uncomfortably cramped bull pen into a larger room, and I have a good chance of having more privacy. Will that be enough to make me happier at work? Maybe.

I thank the folks on Twitter who helped me get through the darker times. Every morning was bearable because of their support. And once the morning is conquered, or at least survived, that opens up the rest of the day.

I thank Mur for bringing me joy with the new additions to the Overherd.

I thank my best friends for their support over the years. I always will have the good memories, no matter what happens. Also, Matthew staves off the worst of the nightmares, and Elmer always comes with me on my ventures during the weekends.

Right now, I’m clinging to the Overcow. I just want to cry. But I gotta sleep, and stuff. Just want to hang on…

3 thoughts on “Commit log #134

  1. I am so glad some of your Overherd cows are huggable. I can see the logic of surrounding yourself with soft fuzzy friends that are always there for you.

    I use a body pillow to keep myself balanced while sleeping – I guess I’m using it for the same thing. Humans need to be touched.

    Is any of you cow friends large enough for a big hug?

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