Geeky Linkspam for This Day

Because I’m tired of hanging onto links.

Candy Blog

Epicurean discussion of candy, very lovely blog.

The bite is soft, the chocolate barely flakes, which is a great relief after the red licorice catastrophe.

The licorice at the center is quite soft and has a strong molasses flavor – the chew is almost jelly like, but has the satisfying rib-sticking of a wheat-based confection. The anise and licorice notes are rather mild and more of a generic spice cookie feel. The chocolate is sweet, not terribly chocolatey but seems to seal in all the flavors well.

It’s nice to see an Aussie licorice being sold at American candy prices. It was a nice change up from Twizzlers, Good & Plenty or Crows, which are really the only plain licorice products sold in single serve packages any longer.

And I am reminded: “All things can be reasoned within a discursive community.”

Epic Win: Casio Super Magic Diary

Brenna M comments: “When I was in 5th grade, my friends and I would exchange the FIRST text messages during class with the casio Super Magic Diary.”

FEDCON USA: Making Flanvention look Good

Not to be too much confused with the original FEDcon in Germany, the USA version fell apart into impressive flaming bits in 2008. Complete fail on the part of the organizers, and very much win on the part of the actors who could make it, and the actors who were cut off by the con organizers and yet still advertised to be going there.

It took me a while to find the site with the most links, and this was apparently (though I didn’t remember at the time) my first encounter with Fandom Wank! Links and screencaps in the comments, but probably one should make note of a capture of particular posts on the FedConUSA’s board that were deleted, especially since they featured Aaron Douglas, known by fans both as Chief Tyrol in BSG and also as being made of win.

He turned out to be made of Epic Win. As was John Billingsley (Enterprise, Dr. Phlox), who got up on stage and demanded refunds for all the fans when the convention was canceled half a day into the schedule. Here it is on YouTube (with related videos).

Time is Running Out?

Remember Ted Chiang’s “Exhalation”, nominated for the 2009 Hugos Award for best short story?

There’s a proposition that, instead of the universe expanding, another explanation is that time is slowing down instead. Hat tip to TYWKIWDBI.

William Shatner Reads Sarah Palin’s Tweets

High-quality video from Hulu:

Hostesses and Herbivores

When the economy went to hell in Japan (it’s still there, by the way), social and cultural shifts started to happen as well. Hat tip to the Daily Dish.

Hello Kitty Monopoly

Just as saccharine as you can imagine it. Hat tip to Hello Kitty Hell.

Ale to the Chief!

Photo gallery of the “Beer Summit” via Talking Points Memo.

The Big Picture: Lightning

As always, cool huge hi-quality photo gallery from the Boston Globe, featuring Lightning. Also one of my favorite Despair, Inc. posters: